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Gluten free quick pizza base

It’s a scary thing to hear from your doctor: you’ve become sensitive to gluten. Typically, we think there are only two choices left: give up the foods we love, or live with the discomfort for life (at best).  But it doesn’t have to be that way. There are actually many […]

Crispy pizza base

Crispy Pizza Base

Ah, the base; without it, there simply isn’t a pizza. While we can debate about the best cheese, toppings and sauce, it’s all rendered useless without a delicious base offering just the right texture. That’s why we’ve dedicated an entire recipe to the crust alone: our crispy pizza base offers […]

Quick scone pizza base

Quick scone base

It’s hard to beat the delicious flavour and texture of a homemade pizza base recipe, but too often, we put it off due to the time commitment. After all, why spend a few hours perfecting your crust before you even begin topping the pizza? That’s where our new quick scone […]

pizza base-calzone dough
Calzones, Dought

Thick -crust pizza base/calzone dough

When you’re serious about your pizza, a sly, thin crust just isn’t going to do. Our thick-crust pizza base highlights the real hero of the pie: its crust. We’re talking about a 12-inch pizza that feels like a 16 inch. Even better, this recipe is good for 4 pies. In […]

pizza recipes bite
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Pizza bites

No party is complete without pizza! However, it’s not always so easy to run around carrying a pizza slice, especially when plates and napkins are scarce. That’s why you’ll love our pizza bites recipe: the flavour and fun of pizza baked into single-serving bites. Even better, it’s a pretty simple […]

honey pizza base
Dought, Sweet

Sweet honey pizza base

In recent years, we’ve seen honey-infused bread take off in popularity like wildfire. We’re seeing it in all types of broad, from sliced to crackers and even rolls. But, who thought that it would serve well in a pizza recipe?! We understand your doubts, but give it a chance: there’s […]

Focaccia Pizza dough

Focaccia Pizza dough

Focaccia bread is a traditional Italian favorite that has pleased taste buds for many years. In fact, some credit it as the inspiration for pizza dough – which is why we’re going old-school with our latest pizza recipe: the focaccia pizza dough recipe. By blending this traditional dish with a […]

Bacon Egg Pizza
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Bacon egg pizza

Imagine waking up in the morning to the aroma of bacon, eggs – and pizza! Indeed, it’s hard to imagine a more fun way to do breakfast than blending a few morning favourites with one of the most popular dinner dishes. That’s why the Bacon Egg Pizza is the perfect […]

Zucchini Pizza
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Ham, Zucchini pizza

Zucchini has become a favourite vegetable for kid-friendly recipes (given its zesty flavour and nutritional value), but did you know that it also makes a mean pizza? Indeed, Zucchini pizza is quickly becoming a favourite, and we have the perfect pizza recipe for preparing it at home in no time! […]