Pitta bread – use pitta pieces of bread to make mini or individual pizzas, which are great for the kids. Let them top their own and experiment with the ingredients.

Tortillas – these make a thin and crispy base. These can also be cooked in a frying pan and even topped with a second tortilla to make a quesadilla. Great served as a quick finger-food snack chopped into wedges.

Naan bread – choose an Indian-inspired topping, such as spinach and paneer cheese, and finish it off with an authentic naan bread base. This is a breadier alternative to tortillas.

Puff pastry – it’s hard to say whether making a pizza with puff pastry is cheating or not. Most of us would call this a tart but it’s basically the same concept and a quick and easy alternative if you buy a ready-rolled sheet.

Bought bases – bought pizza bases come in many shapes and forms and are available from all good supermarkets. Try frozen, vacuum-packed or ready-rolled bases from the chiller cabinet. Some supermarkets or delicatessens may also sell frozen balls of pizza dough, which just require defrosting, and shaping. Alternatively, get friendly with your local Italian restaurant and they may sell you frozen balls of dough


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