Top 5 Pizza Dough-Making Tips

  1. Measure the flour accurately. Scoop it with one measuring cup and dump it in
    another to measure, then place the flour in the mixing bowl.
  2. Use a Danish dough Whisk. One of our favorite utensils, this tool with a long wooden handle and a stirring end, which looks like a thick wire mitten, makes short work of
    mixing any dough. (This is a fun tool and very useful, but an ordinary wooden spoon will work fine.)
  3. Keep a stash of instant or bread machine yeast in a freezer bag in your freezer. Cold makes yeast go into “hibernation” and helps keep it fresher longer.
  4. Use an instant-read thermometer. If you’re unaccustomed to making pizza dough,
    using an instant-read thermometer to register the temperature of the water ensures
    you won’t get it too hot. Lukewarm is between 86° and 95°F. Check this one, feel the temperature of the water with your finger, and you’ll know what lukewarm feels like for the next time.
  5. Know your kitchen’s room temperature—or keep an eye on the dough. Depending on
    the season and how warm you keep your kitchen, the room temperature might be more like 65°F in winter (and your dough will rise more slowly) and 80°F in summer
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